60 second dance films that show the beauty and virtuosity of human connection, improvisation and touch.  I am challenging & surrendering to our culture's attention span and asking "when do we get bored" or "what makes something art when it's on the internet"?  I'm hoping to create an online dialogue, especially with young people, around the topics of body image, human contact & watching dance in the internet era.

MAD MINUTE FILMS: The Right Amount Of Chaos

MAD MINUTE FILMS: Open Hearts, Accidental Family

MAD MINUTE FILMS: Dancing on the Internet

MAD MINUTE FILMS: The Moment When You Realize

MAD MINUTE FILMS: Wavelength Score

MAD MINUTE FILMS: When to get a drink of water

MAD MINUTE FILMS: The Otherscore

MAD MINUTE FILMS: Focus and Meaningful Gesture

MAD MINUTE FILMS: Camille Memory

This project was funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant. Special thanks to all the MN tax payers who make projects like this possible!  

MAD MINUTE FILMS trailer (see below)