Engaged to be married: Chicago Edition with Nichole & Hector / by Blake Nellis

When you schedule a late-October photoshoot in the windy city you keep your weather expectations LOW.  Today is October 28th, the current weather is: 38 degrees, windy, raining with some light snow flurries.  But just three days ago in Chicago it was dreamlike: mid-50's, sunny, an autumn breeze carrying the scents of a magical time of year.  Nickie, Hector & I walked along Lake Michigan, laughing, playing in the park(s).  It was a sweet time, easy to capture them in love.  

The theme of the day was: SWEETNESS

Thanks for such an awesome photo tour of Chicago, you two.  You've inspired me to take another look at Minneapolis/St. Paul.  And as the weather slinks towards inevitable winter, I'll be forever grateful of our late October adventure.  Can't wait for your summer wedding!  Stay warm.  And stay sweet.  

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