Near the river, in the sun / by Blake Nellis

As I transition, yet again, into another fall semester of teaching at new schools, re-defining my craft and finding my rhythm, I'm asking for your support.  I am still a dancer.  Yes.  I am still a choreographer.  Yes.  I am still a teacher and a caregiver. Yes.  Yes.  And I am also a photographer!  YES.  

This new career path feels the most exciting AND scary because it is something I have always loved but never been paid for.  My training is less technical than some photographers, but I shoot like I dance: from the gut.  So, I'm asking you to see me as a professional photographer.  I'm asking myself to do the same.  Although it might feel new or unknown, don't worry, we can do this!  I feel great behind the camera.  It feels natural, creative, exciting and honest.  I hope you feel the same when I'm shooting you.  

Can you help me build my network? 

Come take a walk in the woods, near the river, in the sun with me!  Let's sip coffee or dream up something crazy.  Let me capture who you are.  

Thank you for your support as I continue to make work with my camera.  


I took these photos yesterday with my friend (& fellow dancer), Lindsay. We hiked along the Mississippi River soaking up sunny spots and talking about improvisation, living near our families and being photogenic (or not!).  I love this time of year along the river.