Skin.Rock.Bone, countdown / by Blake Nellis

"Skin.Rock.Bone" photo series at Homewood Studios - through January 13th.  


These photographs EXPLORE

my CONNECTION and appreciation for the human body,



all the visual, visceral connections BETWEEN the two.

I hope you see

my BODY and the BODY of the earth.

my friend Ben taking a personal tour of the gallery, and taking his time 

I'll be there tomorrow, Tuesday January 12th, from 5-9pm.  I'll be looking at those images on the wall.  I put them there (with the help of so many people: Jack, Leah, George, my mom!).  I'm so grateful, to every model, and every person who became part of this series.

The series will be taken down Thursday.  But until then, there's still time!  For everyone who wants another look and for those who missed the premiere last week, come and snag one of these for your home.  They're priced to sell.   (And if I'm at the studio, we can watch "Mad Minute Films" and talk about future art-making!!) 

Hope to see you tomorrow.  (Homewood Studios, 2400 Plymouth Ave N. Mpls) 

Artist Statement

I relate and respond

I search and re-search

I am bound and re-bound

Balanced between here and now

Dancing and waiting to dance

Physical instincts arise and fall

Expectations fade

Energy recycles

And I am an artist


Smooth fluid


Caught flow

Bones go

Skin go

Info upload

Quicken breath

Track response











I am the rock.  

I am the body.

I am the artist.  

I am an artist, educator and improviser who makes work around the many fears, pleasures and mysteries we experience through the human body.  My work is deeply rooted in human connection, physical touch and shared emotion.  Perfect timing, authentic expression and virtuosic surprise are my goals.  

I embody a personal relationship to gravity, move with idiosyncratic rhythm, entertain the imagination and empathize with my creative partners and audiences alike.  I design movement, space, sound, and image.

My personal goal as an artist is to shed light on the connections we often overlook and to offer a reminder that simple, honest movements of the body can be insightful, inspiring and powerful.